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For any new 2019 & 2020 FUSO FE GAS truck, you’ll receive up to 10 free oil changes at any FUSO dealership during the first 5-years/75,000 miles. This includes oil and filter changes every 7,500 miles for standard duty or every 5,000 miles for severe duty applications. During your oil change visit, your truck will also receive a free, multi-point service inspection.
When you purchase any new 2018 FUSO FE or FG DIESEL truck, you receive 12 months of free telematics connectivity through Verizon Connect. Put your truck’s data to work. Through customized reports, you will experience a new level of efficiency and data management.
FUSO is offering free the exclusive Mobileye® collision avoidance system on any 2017 FUSO FE or FG DIESEL truck model. This system provides drivers with audible and visual alerts for speeding, lane departure and potential pedestrian or vehicle collisions. Normally an optional $1,000 feature is included free when you purchase a new 2017 FUSO FE or FG DIESEL truck.